SCS Robust Packet Setting

Jeremy <jcaoy@...>

Hi All,

I took delivery of my SCS tracker today and am trying to get it to work with the program.

My issue, I think, right now is that I can't get the program to tell it to go to Robust Packet 300 baud. The menu on in the configure box doesn't give that option, and when I select "other" it enters a "0" in the script. How do I fix this.

When I initiate the modem in the program, the TX keys and it sends packet data and then doesn't transmit again, even when I hit the "Transmit" key. I haven't hooked it up to an RX antenna, just the dummy load until I can get this figured out.

Could someone who uses this modem post the entire script in the XML file so that I can compare?

I appreciate any help

Jeremy N1ZZZ

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