Re: Trouble with OT-USB

Rob Giuliano

The missing [C0] means APRSIS32 is expecting the OT-USB to be in KISS mode, but it appears you are taking it out of KISS mode with your OPEN commands.  Both seem to be the same issue - not in KISS mode, but APRSIS32 thinks it should be.
What type of port did you setup in APRSIS32 for the OT-USB?
  It doesn't appear to be simple KISS because you have OPEN statements being sent to the TNC.
I suggest looking through the OT-USB manual and finding how to configure it up in KISS mode.
Then delete the current OT-USB port in APRSIS32 and create a new one with SIMPLE KISS (if the OT-USB stays in KISS mode when set that way).
Robert Giuliano


From: wellmanl
To: aprsisce@...
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 5:04 PM
Subject: [aprsisce] Trouble with OT-USB
I'm having trouble using my OT-USB with aprsis32. It seems to be intermittent with it working for a while and then it will quit.
2 different problems are involved. the first shows up as

Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:55.983 Opened COM10:4800,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 2 OpenCmds
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:55.984 Command[2]:^M
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:55.985 Output[2]:<0D 0D>
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:56.002 CmdResp[104]:<0D 0A>Argent Data Systems OpenTracker USB Build 55864<0D 0A>Copyright (C) 2006-2011 - All Rights Reserved<0D 0A 0D 0A>cmd:
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:57.007 Command[6]:MON ON
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:57.007 Output[7]:MON ON<0D>
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:30:57.026 CmdResp[24]:MON ON<0D 0A>MONITOR ON<0D 0A>cmd:
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:31:27.843 Sent[60]:b`h<98 92 9A>@hb@bd@e<03 F0>@013127h3804.97N/08810.24Wl
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:31:28.181 KISS:Missing Leading C0[10]:b`@013127h
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:33:47.649 Sent[60]:b`h<98 92 9A>@hb@bd@e<03 F0>@013347h3804.97N/08810.24Wl<C0>
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T01:33:47.983 KISS:Missing Leading C0[10]:b`@013347h

This missing c0 also occurs when I get an RF input with the error message including what looks to be a good reception of a APRS beacon.

The second problem happens after working for say 10 minutes

Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T19:46:08.080 Sent[60]:h<98 92 9A>@hb@b@.../08810.24Wl
WinMain:2013-03-26T19:51:51.688 Stopping Port(OT-USB)
WinMain:2013-03-26T19:51:51.688 Waiting at line 740
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T19:51:51.707 Terminating after 501152 msec vs 0 Quiet
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T19:51:51.707 Closing COM10:115200,N,8,1
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T19:51:51.707 Command[1]:~
Port(OT-USB):2013-03-26T19:51:51.707 Reader Exiting
WinMain:2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Starting Port(OT-USB)
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 CpReader Running on COM10:115200,N,8,1 (2 OpenCmds, 1 CloseCmds)
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Opening COM10:115200,N,8,1
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Opening COM10 with 4 Args
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Opening COM10 Got -1 Error 2
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Status 0 Error 0 At 228 in c:\compass\code\aprs\aprsisce\cprtns.c
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:51.788 Error Opening COM10:115200,N,8,1 LastError 0
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:56.789 Opening COM10:115200,N,8,1
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:56.789 Opening COM10 with 4 Args
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:56.789 Opening COM10 Got -1 Error 2
Tid(644):2013-03-26T19:51:56.789 Status 0 Error 0 At 228 in c:\compass\code\aprs\aprsisce\cprtns.c

Most of the time I have to restart aprsis to get communication again and sometimes I have to reboot. Help....

Am out of town so have to go to the library to get internet, so will be slow to answer any further questions. Thanks

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