Re: Fw: How to block or filter objects from a certain call

Lynn Deffenbaugh

If you're asking to filter it from the display, there's not an easy way to do that.

If you're asking to block it from showing up in the packet scroller, use Configure / Scroller / Filter and put in "b/* -b/KJ4GGV*".  The first says to bring in all packets (the default for a blank filter) and the second term blocks all packets source from KJ4GGV.  This only affects the packet scroller which is what your screen shot was showing me.

There's other filter terms that can be used to different effects as well (like -e/KJ4GGV-S which will block just the DSTAR-introduced packets), but the -b/... is by far the simplest.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  I did see your earlier e-mail, but wasn't in a good position to answer it at the time and then it migrated too far back in my inbox.  Sorry about that delay!

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Lynn- not sure if this is the same subject but in the attached screen shot, see the repeated packets from KJ4GGV- A, AD, B, C. I believe this is a DSTAR station/repeater. I really don't need to see this over and over, can I filter out? Sending direct so you can see attached.


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