Re: Maps

Lynn Deffenbaugh

That all looks good. Your OSM.Path is:


Does that directory exist and is there anything in it? There should be a nested tree of numbered directories of the form...

zz/x/y.png where zz ranges from 00 through 18 and x/y vary depending on z, but are numbers as well. See the following URL if you're curious about OSM tile naming conventions:

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. Are you sure you're not behind some sort of web proxy? The .LOG file showed a connection to the APRS-IS server, but a messed-up filter with the extra filter word. That, along with the 0,0 lat/lon explains the lack of stations. I'm still stumped as to why you're not seeing maps, though.

James Jolin wrote:

Sent you three different emails. Sorry, I not used to this new version of Thunderbird.
To answer you last questions,
I am running Windows 7. The cpu is a Pentium 4 3.2Mhz. The internet connection is dsl. The firewall is the one built into Zonealarm, etc.
That"s about it.

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