Re: Emailing: APRSIS32.xml

Lynn Deffenbaugh

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I don't yet see why the screen isn't blue, but your Lat/Lon are set to 0,0, so there won't be many stations there. With the client CLOSED, edit the APRSIS32.XML file and set Lat/Lon to what you think they should be. The units are decimal degrees, so if you think you should be a at 28 degrees 30 minutes North, it would be 28.5. For 80 degrees 40 minutes west, it would be -80.6666.

The m/250 in your filter string is not necessary. Also, you do NOT want the word "filter" in there. APRSIS32/CE automatically create an m/nnn filter based on the Range setting and also already add the "filter" word. UI-View called it "Extra Logon Text", I only allow Extra Filter.

If you put the following URL into a browser, what do you get? Do you know if you're behind a web proxy or have direct access to the Internet?

You should get a map of the whole world which is also what APRSIS32 should display when you have the slider the whole way up at the + end.

Let me know what you get after changing the Lat/Lon and filter in your XML file and re-running the client.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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