Compass rose and other incoherant babbling


Hi Lynn,

>Eventually it'll give a compass rose, but haven't gotten there yet.

I'd happily trade the N,S,E,W window for a compass rose. or even a heading degree window, fairly large. Yup, I understand about precious screen real estate, Just my $0.02 on that topic.

On a separate note: I bought one of those DT360's (running WinXP) from Dave KA2CTN. (fun product, and a good guy).

I am having some issues with it, but they are really with Mr. Gates' product. When on battery, the screen goes dark really quickly, to save battery. Touching the screen to revive the display is interpreted as a cursor move and left click. That takes APRSIS32 out of "FOLLOW, ME", at which time, of course, it stops tracking ME. The buttons on that 8.4" screen are TINY. No hope of finding and hitting SCREEN/ FOLLOW/ ME without crashing. (the car, not the program, though I suppose the end result is much the same from the computer standpoint.) I have used a track ball with a Velcro strap on my leg with other hardware, but again, the buttons on the small screen are too small to hit quickly, while driving.

Not really asking for features here, though a "follow-me lock" would be cool.

Lynn, I understand you have one of these DT360's. Have you tried it mobile? How do you like it? I love mine, and we are slowly coming to an accommodation. I am going to try to reprogram one of the hardware buttons to wake up the screen without it being interpreted as a left click in the process. Whatever I do, it has to be something I can find by Braille.

Dave got a bit deeper in my pocket than I had planned, but my loving XYL said: "It's Christmas....go for it"..... So I did. I am working up a really cool setup. The DT360 has Blue Tooth. My mobile/ portable APRS setup is a self contained, blue tooth GPS, a Blue tooth to serial adapter, powered by, and feeding data to, an OTUSB TNC with an HT. It'll all be powered by a small gel-cell, and mounted in a waterproof and RF transparent container. That way, I can throw the RF module in a back pack or in the back seat or even on the luggage rack and have the display completely wireless. It is true that the 8.4" screen is small when driving. However, on foot, a full featured APRSIS32 instance with that much screen is awesome. At walking speed, crashing is not nearly so big a problem.

I have it bread-boarded up and running on the bench, now comes
cable-dressing and packaging.

OK, enough outa me.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.
73, KC8SFQ  Ron

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