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A spot of Tea would be correct, at least for your grandfathers generation. Not a big fan of Tea myself either.

Will get a APRSISCE/32 café sorted for these user of APRSISCE/32 posts that are not technical..

It’s nice to have a non tech chat with fellow users of APRSISCE/32 without boring the rest of the users

And yes I am more guilty than most.


If you have not found Dirk Gently look it up


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I was in a buffet restaurant one evening here in Mich. The fellow ahead of me had on a "T" shirt with the inscription "Do you know Zaphod Beeblebrox?" I started laughing, he turned around with a devilish grin. I said "as a matter of fact, i *do*". We had a delightful dinner, he and a table of friends were at the next table. Too obscure, and too much fun.

I never could stand tea, much to my grandfather's chagrin. His world stopped every afternoon for tea. As ANY civilized man would do. If my memory serves, he called it "a spot of tea".

> Being English I have several hot cups of tea at the ready, am trying get things sorted
> Am leaving Fred Hillhouse out of it as he lives too close to Boston.

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