Re: GPX logging

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Francisco Guerra wrote:

It's a nice feature, and, as Julian (G4ILO) says, "direct support of GPX would be nice".
But, where are .CSV files in /32 version?.
APRSIS32 doesn't create the .CSV files as they make no sense until it supports GPS input. If a station can't move, every log would end up with a single entry!
I can convert APRSISCE .CSV files to .KML or GPX with "Poiedit" programm. But There are 2 problemms:
1- the "T" between date and time must be converted to ",";
The T is one of the web standard data formats for a date/time stamp. I actually created this support (and stealthed it due to lack of time) to track our travels in Costa Rica last year where I knew I wouldn't have a live Internet connection. At the end of each day, I uploaded the file(s) to my server back home and it generated OSM map panels showing our journey. You can see these files at the following URL in the dates from 2009-03-32 through 2009-04-06. 2009-04-06 from 18:32:57 through 23:56:00 shows our plane flight from CR to FL.*

(BTW, when you see how slow my outbound server is, you'll know why I distribute the program via Yahoo Groups!)

2- "Poiedit" converts longitude data to latitude data and vice-versa. You must change the order before conversion.


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