Re: OSM Maps I cry UNCLE


 >sometimes the WIKI writers sometimes don't think to include what seems simple to them, but >is perhaps not obvious to others.

I run into the same thing when I'm teaching someone to weld. I tell them at the outset the same thing I've heard here. "the only dumb question is the one you don't ask".
> We do of course add things in when it becomes obvious it's needed.

I have noticed that, as it has built, in both content and detail.
> Consider yourself a proof reader of the WIKI

Title gladly accepted. Between my dyslexia and ignorance of things computer, that may be the perfect niche for me. It is a place from where I can constructively contribute to this community which has helped me achieve the level I have with APRS in general, and APRSIS32 in particular.

73 KC8SFQ  Ron

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