Re: UI-View compatible maps

Lynn Deffenbaugh

g4ilo wrote:
I am wondering whether it would be possible to add support for user-supplied maps? Since there is already an existing "standard" the UI-View format might be suitable?

The reason I ask is that I am interested in Summits On The Air (or more specifically Wainwrights On The Air which is a local version limited to the English Lake District) so I will most often be making use of the tracker off the beaten track where no detail is shown on the default mapping.

Having the ability to use, say, a scanned section of a walker's map with corner co-ordinates entered would greatly increase the utility of the program.

Great reasoning and I've (finally) added it to the ToDo list. I've
thought about this numerous times (mostly before I learned about OSM),
but never actually tackled it. Prior to starting work on the client, I
actually made some UI-View maps from tile-based data and never got the
registration right. After doing the OSM display, I learned why. Each
tile must have it's own upper and lower (or vertical center)
coordinates. Coordinates in the N/S direction are decidedly non-linear
and I didn't know that back then.

Does anyone know if UI-View correctly scales the N/S via the Mercator
projection or does it linearly map the point in the vertical?

Right now I've got a bit of hard-coding of the tile size, so it'll take
some work to get it accomplished, but accomplish it I will now that I've
heard a good use for scanned maps. (I've thought about this a lot but
all of my thoughts ended up being resolved by a map pre-fetcher to
populate the cache before embarking out of coverage mixed with the
ability to do local (and Item-As-Message) icons as overlays).

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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