Re: this is log from my KAM port

Fred Hillhouse

Does the KAM have the ability to always start in KISS? If not, then you will need to establish the commands to OPEN and CLOSE KISS from APRSIS32.
As a starting point, check out these links for the WIKI.
The KAM is different but this might help:
You will need to find the proper codes to establish open/close command:
Hopefully someone of this group uses a KAM and is willing to help. Other than that, the group will have to work together to nail this unit down.
If someone is using a KAM successfully, it would be useful to add information to the WIKI. Please contact the editors and we can work out the exchange.
Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH

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Any Hints ?
John and I are pretty green at this still.
Atleast we got the TNC connected to the right COM port and we're seeing some traffic from the radio.

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> KISS is not running in the KAM while APRSIS32 is expecting it. The "Missing
> Leading C0" gives it away.
> Best regards,
> Fred, N7FMH

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