Re: OSM Maps I cry UNCLE


Right on top, Thank you to all who responded to help try to drag me up from the doldrums of my depression. Please excuse the rant. I was flumoxed beyond belief. God, I love ham radio and the people in it.

Lynn contacted me off list and we had a delightful conversation. He has cleared up a lot of stuff and as you said, it isn't rocket science. In talking with Lynn on the twisted pair it is a hoot to hear the enthusiasm in his voice as he talks about his program. It is clearly a labor of love for him.

> This isn't rocket science, but you keep on turning to the right, and
> complaining that your radio is missing...

That was because the only time I found it, it WAS on the right. *BUT* I was making it harder than it is.

> Doing it all the convoluted and incorrect way take much more time,
> which you obviously are intimately aware of now...

Yeah, you're right, but remember: To the man who has only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. I now have a few more tools in my tool kit.

> No clue what you are doing there because locating the OSM file is much
> closer to a first step in setting up a tile set, not a shut down step.

Lynn had me dump everything I had been trying to do, and start from scratch. As you and I'd talked before, Once you know how, it ain't hard.
>> I expect that what I'm missing is so simple that no one thinks it worthy
>> of mention.

It was.

> Do you have any teenagers in your neighborhood?

SURE, there's what I need, A teenager. One of the delightful things about F.I.R.S.T robotics is that I spend several hours a week mentoring teens. Among other things, it reminds me how glad i am that my son is no longer a teenager, and has kids of his own. One of my grand sons is almost a teen, That's going to be fun to watch. Did I mention that being a grandpa is God's reward for not eating your kids?

> Not trying to knock you or your abilities, but teens and computers are
> kind of like kids and childproof caps on pills...

Yup, That's a pretty accurate assessment. They blow me away. It's probably because they have never been in a world without computers. I, on the other hand, can remember getting my first transistor radio. It was about the size of a cigar box (probably another forgotten reference, like a "can" of oil) It weighed about 5 pounds, used a ton of "D" batteries and received TWO stations. But, I digress.

You just have to follow the instructions. Many
> people have problems doing so because they have been conditioned to
> attempt to jump through other hoops, and can not wrap their head
> around the fact that it is possible to write a program that can simply
> be run, rather than installed.

You called it again. That was my problem. Of course, the real test will come tomorrow when I try to do it again.

> I'd be pretty darned impressed if you could send and receive at 120
> characters per minute,

Me too. When I'm on a hot streak, I can copy about 50 or 60 in short bursts (8-10 WPM)

> CW takes a lot of work and dedication...

It *does*, but I have to say that CW, done well, is truly a thing of beauty.

>I bet you've invested much more than 15 hours into your
> CW skill set.

Such as it is, I have indeed, and it ain't enough, yet.

> If you want to send me a private message with a phone number, I can
> try and walk you through getting APRSISCE/32 running on your flash
> drive. I'll walk through it on my machine with a flash drive at the
> same time.

James: Thank you for the kind offer, Lynn and I have just had that conversation. APRSIS32 is up and running, and indeed it was easier than I was trying to make it. In fact, Lynn even gave me a homework assignment. More on that later.

Lynn: A later development: I'm still not sure what I did, but it is now running from the memory key. Both tile sets and it has survived across a couple of restarts and power cycles of the Tough book. I *did* notice that zoomed ALL the way out I have the blank map we discussed, but one click in and it's all there. What got me to zoom in was a funny squiggle that was the only thing I could see. It turned out to be the ISS foot print. Is that intentional, like running the opacity all the way down and seeing the polar(?) projection?

 For anyone still reading, Here's a little tip from Lynn. Restore the program before closing. (the little page looking thing in the upper right corner of the screen that toggles to full screen.) I don't recall exactly why, but the program is happier if you do. We all want our programs to be happy, don't we?

Let me say one more time, Lynn. Thank You for the time and the laughs. I hung up the phone with the feeling that I have a new friend in Florida. I'm going to pay for this when that d@~ned noise maker goes off four hours from now, but it was worth it. I hope you feel that way too.

73 and Thanks, KC8SFQ  Ron

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