Re: OSM Maps I cry UNCLE

Rob Giuliano

I am quite confident that talking with James will get you going, but one disadvantage is the others don't get the benefit of his/your help.  That is one of the reasons for the list and all the traffic. 
On the other hand, sometimes a little "personal attention" is the only cure, but we would ALL appreciate the wisdom that comes out of it.  This could be update/solution to the list or some updates to the wiki which may help clarify.
I joined the thread a little late, but I do run APRSIS32 from a thumb drive and my solution can be summed up with:
Which has to be done by editing the XML file directly.  I think I even post this, but I'm sure it was some time ago.
First, 2 things about the XML file:
   1. The OSM section is for the CURRENT selected tile set
           "Open Set Maps"         (not really but it helps)
   2.  Each Tile set has its own section
OSM section is using relative paths:
   Note the dot "." before the slash indicating the current directory.  
       This is set to TileServer[1] in this example
TileServer[0] section is also using complete paths: 
  This will cause a problem if the drive letter changes when swapping USB drives.
TileServer[1]  section is also using relative paths:
Make sure the operating system doesn't prevent writing.  This has been talked about on the list a lot with Windows 7 and the Program Files directory. 
I've seen this issue that crop up relating to virus protection or other operating system "GOTCHAs" and thumb drives. 
Please don't just throw in the towel, even though it is frustrating. 
  1 Others will learn "WITH YOU", and
  2 I'm sure your example "Net Control Operator" would enjoy learning how to connect the antenna and the other aspects.
        When she is ready or needs it - she will probably need some help and patience while she learns.
        She's very likely already doing it at her own pace, watching others and such.
     You appear to be under a bit of pressure (or at least feel you are).
     That seldom helps.
Hope the XML info helps!
  Oh, and 4 years is too long.  You have to starting over, and a lot has probably changed.
   Hopefully a short break and back at it under relaxed conditions will clear your mind and move things forward before they all change.
Robert Giuliano

From: James Ewen To: aprsisce@...
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: [aprsisce] OSM Maps I cry UNCLE
On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 5:37 PM, <> wrote:

> In my ARES group we have an operator who can't program her radio, she's
> not even real sure how to hook it up. she can't build an antenna and can't
> copy CW. We don't tell her to go fish, we help her. Why?? Because she is
> always there when we need help. She is a good operator and in fact, she's a
> damn good Net Control Operator. Give her a mic and she runs the net and
> makes it look easy. She brings a lot to the table, That makes her worthy of
> help

So, to continue the analogy... we're trying to get you to unplug the
radio in your shack and install it at the EMCOMM office. When you have
the radio in your shack, it is to your right. At the EMCOMM office,
the radio ends up on your left. All we are asking you to do is to turn
left instead of to the right to look at the radio.

This isn't rocket science, but you keep on turning to the right, and
complaining that your radio is missing...

Okay, it's not quite that, but when we get this working for you,
you'll probably be able to understand the analogy.

> That
> being said, I have been trying to get APRSIS32 to load two map sets, or to
> run two instances, or any thing that will give me a day and a night set of
> maps. I have been fighting this battle since Thanksgiving day. I have read
> the Wiki front to back and sideways. I've tried everything I can think of
> and have even tried any combination of things that presents a button to
> click. I have hosed up the program and had to reload at least 4 times just
> to get back to square 0 so I could start again. I have spent every spare
> moment I've had since Thanksgiving day. I have spent over 15 hours on this
> so far (I kept score). I don't want to burn any bridges here, but at this
> point, my frustration has exceeded my desire to run APRS on the road. The
> last time I hit a wall like this, I shelved the idea of APRS for over 4
> years.

Well, you haven't tried the correct sequence, which is pretty much
dead simple, and should take no more than 30 minutes of your time.
Doing it all the convoluted and incorrect way take much more time,
which you obviously are intimately aware of now...

> I can get on the web and down load the program, expand it and load map
> tiles. I can even change the default map set to "Midnight Command". I pan
> around and zoom a bit and build a rudimentary set of the dark map tiles. At
> some point, (I think on exit) I am told to create or locate an OSM file.

No clue what you are doing there because locating the OSM file is much
closer to a first step in setting up a tile set, not a shut down step.

> I expect that what I'm missing is so simple that no one thinks it worthy
> of mention.

Yup, probably...

> If someone would care to help, please do. On or off list, your choice.
> Either way, I'm done fishing, and pretty close to done all together.

Do you have any teenagers in your neighborhood? One of them could
probably sit down at your computer and have the program up and running
in about 30 minutes flat with no knowledge of the program at all...
Not trying to knock you or your abilities, but teens and computers are
kind of like kids and childproof caps on pills... they just work well

> I have come to the conclusion that if 15 hours is not enough to get this
> simple task accomplished, then perhaps APRS is not yet ready for prime time.

APRS is ready for prime time... It has been for 20 years. APRSISCE/32
is also ready for prime time, it is one of the easiest APRS programs
to get up and running. You just have to follow the instructions. Many
people have problems doing so because they have been conditioned to
attempt to jump through other hoops, and can not wrap their head
around the fact that it is possible to write a program that can simply
be run, rather than installed.

> Most operators wouldn't work this hard. Maybe, I need to go back and work on
> my copying skills with the ORIGINAL digital mode.

I'd be pretty darned impressed if you could send and receive at 120
characters per minute, and then take the information copied, scratch
an X on the map in the appropriate place, and keep that up for hours
on end.

CW takes a lot of work and dedication... I can't say that I can do it.
It's far too much work and effort... I like letting the computer do
all the work. I bet you've invested much more than 15 hours into your
CW skill set.

If you want to send me a private message with a phone number, I can
try and walk you through getting APRSISCE/32 running on your flash
drive. I'll walk through it on my machine with a flash drive at the
same time.


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