Re: APRS queries

Lynn Deffenbaugh

g4ilo wrote:
Someone sent me a message last night. I think it said APRSD? or something like that. I believe these are queries that the client is supposed to respond to automatically. Is this something that is TBD?

Yes and Yes. There are a set of APRS queries that can be sent as
messages and are supposed to be auto-answered by the client. I've added
it to the ToDo list.

I'm going to have to be patient and wait until after Jan 15 to use APRSISCE on my phone as that is when my unlimited internet package will start. I've already spent a few bucks using it without the package. Although my phone can use wi-fi I can't seem to stop it using the mobile data.

I have noticed the same thing when I arrive at my QTH. Even though the
top icon changes to show connection to the WiFi, the data still seems to
flow via the cellular. Even if I close the client and restart, the
connections (both APRS-IS and OSM map fetching) seem to prefer the
cellular connection. I'll have to do some research into how (or if) I
can control this.
Something odd happened last night. I tried to shut down APRSISCE and a message appeared to say that there were unacknowledged messages did I want to continue so I answered No or Cancel. The application window disappeared from the screen and it appeared to close. I restarted it but only the title bar and menu came up - the main part of the screen was not drawn so it still showed the phone's home page. I had to reboot the phone to restore normal operation.

In the currently released version, if you are out of data coverage,
APRSISCE/32 will lock up for 90 seconds at a time when trying to
establish a connection. This will be fixed in the next release, but in
the meantime, if the window gets covered up and uncovered, all you'll
see is the title for an extended period. If you wait long enough, it
will usually get the screen painted and start responding again.

You should never have to reboot a phone to get rid of APRSISCE. Simply
hit the Start Menu, go to Settings, System tab, Memory, Running Programs
tab, Select the program that you want to stop (will probably be your
callsign) and click Stop. After a short delay, you will be told that it
is not responding and give the opportunity to kill it anyway.

Unacknowledged messages means that you sent a message to someone and
never heard an ack. The message window (usually says No Msg) will be
yellow (or orange if you also have unread incoming messages). To see
who the messages are for, use Menu / Messages / Pending Messages. It
will give you a pop-up of the callsigns and from there you can see the
message with options to re-start the retries, cancel the messages, or
Ignore it which keeps it in the pending list. Some future version will
make message handling a bit smoother and intuitive and include buffering
read messages that you can then deal with later.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

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