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Greg D

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I'm SO glad you do, That is what makes this program and this forum such a wonderful place. I have learned skills and undertaken projects that I never would have considered without all the help. Often what I am learning is rudimentary. My study of electronics pretty much stopped when the field effect transistor was the new, hot thing. One of the many reasons I am a welder and not an E.E. is the 17" Picket slide rule.

One of the reasons I went into computer engineering was the Pickett slide rule.  Learned how to use one in the 4th grade (if I recall), and thought it was the greatest piece of technology ever invented.  Knowing how to use it made one a member of a select and secret society.  I still have the one I got in college (10" bamboo).  Used it when taking my Advanced license test years ago, just because I could.

Now, if I could figure out all this GUI / Object Oriented stuff, I'd be all set.  To me, C++ means "increment C"...

Greg  KO6TH

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