Re: New computer, new challanges


> My concern would be with having a USB device hanging out of a USB port
> readily "snap-offable"...

That would be O' Brian's corollary to Murphy's law. Murphy's law states: "Anything that could possibly go wrong, will do so at the worst possible moment so as to cause the most possible damage. O'Brian's corollary simply states "Murphy was an optimist."
> If you're running on an internet-less device, you're probably not going to
> be running the development version, and thus updates are not happening
> every day or two.

My thoughts exactly. You won't find me running the developmental versions. When I make a suggestion to Lynn, it is not because I know better than he does. Rather, it is quite the opposite. My suggestions come from the place of someone who doesn't know diddly squat about computers and blundered into something that he might like to know about.

>The tile copy is a one time event unless you want to
> update or expand the tile coverage area.

That usually happens when I'm planning a road trip.
> Just providing various points of view.

I'm SO glad you do, That is what makes this program and this forum such a wonderful place. I have learned skills and undertaken projects that I never would have considered without all the help. Often what I am learning is rudimentary. My study of electronics pretty much stopped when the field effect transistor was the new, hot thing. One of the many reasons I am a welder and not an E.E. is the 17" Picket slide rule.

Thanks and 73  Ron  KC8SFQ

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