Re: New computer, new challanges


> I'm thinking if he gets a large flash drive (32G) he'd have more than
> enough room for any tiles, present and future, as well as not having to
> copy every time Lynn does an update.

I'm currently running on a 16G flash drive, and for the moment, that seems an elegant sufficiency. I don't have a lot of tiles on there yet. I want to change to a different rendering though, the original OSM doesn't have enough contrast to suit me. I seem to remember a rendering called Osmerender, or something like that, but have yet to find it again. I still need to find a subdued rendering for use at night as well. I remember that OSM had a lot of renderings, but when I went there last night I just found Original, Transport and Cycle map.

> If it were me, which it's not, I'd get the huge flash drive, plug it into
> a machine with internet, note the drive letter, make sure the version is
> up to date, do a bunch of panning, zooming, and prefetching of the tiles
> after turning purge off

I run the purger off almost all the time. If I went somewhere once, with very few exceptions, I'll probably go back and towns seldom move far enough that an older map is a big problem.

> and then take it to the internetless toughbook
> for use with the radio, and assign it the same drive letter.

I need to figure out how to assign a drive letter. I thought the computer did that. That's another question for my computer savy son. This weekend, there will be three generations of the family men at my son's house. Although, the four year old grand son will probably not be a lot of help with either car of computer projects.

> Do some searching through the yahoo group messages for the 'driving a gpx
> file' information, very handy when you know you're going somewhere new.

I'll go have a look, thanks.
> You can do the file copies, but IMHO it's easier, and faster to just leave
> everything on a dedicated flash drive

Yup, That looks like the hot setup to me too.

Thanks and 73  KC8SFQ  Ron

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