Re: New computer, new challanges


> Not to mention the fact that you have twice explained that you don't
> have any internet connectivity on the Toughbook, so you will NEVER get
> a new version of the old tile since finding a new version of the tile
> would require internet access.

Quite true, However I DO have several other computers with both APRSIS32 and internet connectivity.
> I can't believe that copying a directory from a USB drive to the hard
> drive is such a hurdle. Copying a file (or directory) is a fundamental
> task, made even easier with the Windows GUI as a simple drag and drop
> function.

Welding some of the exotic metals I work with is easy too, once you know how.

On a couple attempts, I copied files variously named something to do with OSM tiles (I don't have it in front of me right now). When I looked at it on the flash drive the folder was there, but there was nothing in the file. I finally solved the problem by downloading the APRSIS32 zip file to the flash drive, expanding it in place and now run it from there. Thanks again, to Lynn and the others who suggested that. That is now S.O.P. in the KC8SFQ Shack. The dedicated flash drive just goes from machine to machine. Now I'm in the process of finding a combination of peripherals that will allow me to have everything (GPS, OT2 etc.) identified as the same port across machines.

73 KC8SFQ  Ron

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