Re: New computer, new challanges


Hi Fred,
Your setup sounds like just about what I'm shooting for. I would like to use a software TNC and eliminate the OT2 from my setup. That'll be one less piece of gear to carry, and will free the OT2 for use as a stand alone digi.

I like the idea of having several tile sets available. My flash drive is 16G so that gives me a bit of room to play. Multiple tile sets will be a new challenge for me, but I think I'm up to it.

> I loaded APRSIS32 on an USB flash drive and started from there when I got
> my
> WebDT.
>I will usually "drive a GPX" file.

Please elaborate on the "drive a GPX file"

> Then, I carry the USB drive to the vehicle, and plug it into the WebDT and
> off I go. While I have many tile sets on my desktop to choose from, on my
> mobile setup, I limit the tile sets......

That is likely to be my M.O. as well.

>The only
> issue is the noise the 400W DC to AC inverter causes. I am exploring DC-DC
> converter options.

If it is a modified sine wave type, they are awful, mine has harmonics all the way up into the UHF range. 440 Mc is as high as I can listen. The Targus DC/DC power supply I have is also dirty. That may end up in a shielded enclosure with a brute force filter on the input and the output.
> All my portable drives are set to have the same drive letter assigned
> regardless on the PC it is connected to.

 I like THAT idea too.

> I really appreciate the "portable" ability of APRSIS32. It really does
> allow
> one to work on an USB drive and move it anywhere.

yet another cool feature of this program.

Thanks and 73, Ron  KC8SFQ

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