Re: New computer, new challanges


Hi Lynn,
> That's what James was implying you might pick up from the Tile-Sets
> reference.

I did read through that again. Clearly, someone has been doing quite a bit of work on the Wiki since my last visit. I've had APRSIS32 up and running flawlessly for a while now and haven't needed to change anything, thus haven't been to the Wiki. It looks like it might be time for me to go through that from stem to stern again.

> As a matter of fact, if you just run APRSIS32 off of a memory key, the
> tile set will also be on the key and it'd be easy to fire that instance
> up on a machine that has Internet access to fetch tiles.

That is just TOO cool. Within a few minutes of reading your post, I had APRSIS32 up and running on the Toughbook. I didn't know it would run on the flash drive. That solves a ton of things in my intended application. It is well worth exclusively committing a flash drive to APRSIS32.

The only thing I still need to do is configure ports in my new USB instance, and I'll be back to where I was, but now, on the Toughbook. I've already skinned the port-config fish and will probably be doing road tests by tomorrow afternoon.

> Note: On the non-Internet instance, you'll want to disable tile purging!

Which brings up a question: If I go look at a tile I already have, will the new version of that tile purge the old one if the new one has been updated, even though purging is toggled off? If I recall, you did a pole on that topic, but I don't recall the decision.

Let me say again, Thank you for this cool program and for all the support.

73 Ron KC8SFQ

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