Re: New computer, new challanges


Hi James, and all,

You wrote:

> Read up on the tile sets and how to get them operational.
From there
> you should easily know what to look for, where to look for them, and where to put them on the new computer.

The Wiki assumes direct Internet access. I have done this and even revisit it from time to time. I have several computers set up in various ways using this protocol.

My problem is a bit different though. I have a Toughbook computer that I wish to use in the car and portable. It's only access to the outside world is a USB1 plug. I have successfully downloaded the APRSIS32 program on another computer and transferred it to the Toughbook. I also wish to copy my goodly supply of OSM map tiles from another machine to the Toughbook. My plan here is to not burden the server to recreate my library of tiles which already has almost every tile I could want.

I recall a couple of discussion here, some time back. One about multi instances of APRSIS32, and multi tile sets for day and night use. The other was about using APRSIS32 while having NO internet access what so ever. That's what I need to find.

I'm not asking for a fish. However, I've been fishing for a couple days now, and so far, all I have is sea weed. Some suggestions as to where to cast my line would be greatly appreciated.
> It's not a "do this" guide, but rather teaches you about the tiles sets, and how they work so you'll know what to do on your own.
> Teaching you to fish, not just giving you a fish today.

That is one of the hardest things about teaching. Giving answers is easy, getting your students to THINK..... not so easy.

Thanks and 73, Ron

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