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That's what I did for my D710 for packet mode vs APRS mode, they share the same map directories and NWS files, but the .exe and .xml files are separate.


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Profile switching is not near the top of my list.

If you want substantially different behaviors out of APRSISCE/32 (to work the ISS, for instance), then make a new directory, copy the .EXE (or set up a shortcut), and configure the new instance.  It's not that hard, especially in comparison to the complexity (and confusion) that I foresee in the profile switching (like what settings are shared and which are changed).

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On 10/30/2012 12:41 AM, Greg Dolkas wrote:
Hi Lynn,

This was a good reminder...  I occasionally flip my radio to the ISS frequency, but without changing all the bazillion options to properly operate through Satellites.  I believe you have a profile switch of sorts on your to-do list, right?  Before I invest time and space (no pun intended) in cloning my APRSIS/32 instance (per the instructions on the Wiki), how close to the top of your queue is the enhancement for a Terrestrial / Space (or whatever profiles) configuration option?


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You could start by following this WIKI entry it probably answers most of your questions, I will edit out the FAST references as those sats no longer function that I am aware of


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Got interested in ISS the past few days and decided to see if I could "Beacon" the ISS or have my signal received and digipeated. I am using a roof top dual band vertical at about 35ft, an FT 7800 dual band radio, Argent T2 and APRSIS Dev ver last updated 10/6/2012. A few minutes before the start of ISS pass at my QTH, tuned radio to the ISS packet freq and 145.825. Then got about 8 min of packet bursts and received a number of stations from the ISS Digi which were Igated at my station. Scanning the messages log, it appears my msg was ACk, but not sure.

My question is - can I and if so, what steps do I take within APRSIS to beacon or send my call, position etc to the ISS??

Tnx and 73 Paul kc2nyu

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