New APRSISCE For Windows Mobile Released!

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Beta Testers,

I just posted the first new release of APRSISCE (for Windows Mobile) to the Yahoo group Files section. You can find it there as:

There's lots of little stuff in there, but the big thing is...


It hooks into's servers and dynamically loads maps in the background and displays them on your phone.

Left/Right arrows will decrease/increase the density (transparency) of the maps in 5% increments. If you take it down to zero, the maps will disappear and the old circle will come back.

Before copying this onto your phone, please make a copy of the version you've been using, just in case something goes worng!

Please post feedback here to the group with comments, successes, and (hopefully not) failures of this new version.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE

PS. Oh, it also does Overlay characters on the Icons! Even the really tiny ones!

PPS. It also tracks (and draws) every station that moves, so expect lots of lines if you view an active APRS area. To clear the lines, double-click the Odometer. The first confirm is for your track (if you have any) and the second confirm is for the other stations' tracks (if there are any).

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