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If you have sound on your PC and don't have it muted (I keep mine that
way too often), you should have heard a sound when the message arrived
and the "No Msg" would have changed to a green background with my
callsign in it. If there are any non-acknowledged outbound messages or
unread incoming messages when you close the client, it warns you about
them so you don't miss them.
I presume unchecking the "Sound" option disables this. I don't have sound on my shack computer because the sound card is used for digimodes on the radio.

The message handling in APRSIS32 is one of the really good features of it. UI-View32 did not handle messaging properly. It did not retry messages with an increasing delay until acknolwledged. So it is good to have a Windows client that does messaging properly.

The only thing I miss is that I can't see how to recall messages that have been received once you have looked at them, if for example you want to reply to them later.

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