Re: *INT* Packet timing?

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Int is internal, that is they are not leaving the software. If you go to configure scroller and select No Internals, you won’t see them any more.


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Hopefully this is a relatively easy one to answer.
- My base station is an FT-7800 with roof top vertical, T2 and Win 7 64 bit PC. I use an SSID of KC2NYU-1 for this station. This station is serving as a Digi Fill and at the moment the only iGate in the Savannah, GA area. Under Configure – Genius - Beacon Settings, I have min set at 20 and Max at 30.

Here is the question:
- when kc2nyu-1 packets appear on the scroller they sometimes do in pairs of *Int* and RF and at other times just *Int*. The RF packets appear about every 30 min but the *Int* packets are more often, sometimes as often as every 2 minutes but at irregular intervals.
- Do I want kc2nyu-1, the same SSID "going out" in both *Int* and RF??
- How do I does one set or control how often packets are sent via *Int* ?? It seems that are appearing too frequently now.

73 Paul

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