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Greg Depew

That's not entirely true, if you have a (frequency)(tone)comment such as I do on kb3kbr-9, if you stop scanning on a transmittable freq it will put it in the comment. If you start scanning it will just drop back to the comment. Mine will show 100Hz V'Alert by default when scanning then will put as an example 145.230MHz T186 -060 100Hz V'Alert when stopped on that memory or in vfo, as long as you can transmit on it. KB3KBR Greg Sent from my Droid Charge on Verizon 4G LTE

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As an aside, the FTM-350 will not put any frequency (or other phrase) in the comment when it's scanning.


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> Originally, the D710 violates the astonishment preincipal and just transmits
> what ever freq is in the radio at the instant of the beacon!
> Really bad. It is on the fix list, but I don't think it has been released?
> Bob

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