Re: Kenwood TH-D72A as a TNC


Very interesting James! Thanks for the info.

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On 5/10/2012 12:42 PM, confesschrist wrote:
The bad part is the messages appear both on the PC and in the
Radio message list...perhaps a side effect of using APRS mode?
More likely a side effect of using a single -SSID for the radio and
APRSISCE/32 or possibly you have Configure / Messages / My Messages checked?
As per the APRS specification, if you are running multiple stations
under a callsign (each with a different SSID), all stations should
capture the incoming message for display, but only the station with
the matching SSID will send the ACK back.

I have my D700 here at work (VE6SRV-5), my TS-2000 at home
(VE6SRV-13), my D710 in my work truck (VE6SRV), and my TH-D72 running
as well (VE6SRV-7). If you were to send a message to VE6SRV-7, the D72
would send an ACK back letting you know the message was received, but
every other station will have the message in the message queue waiting
for me.


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