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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Different versions complain about different things. The latest version will show the box and in the popup menu will be at least one detected Issue with the packet. It'll be *SomeThing* at the end of the interpreted frequency information in both the menu and the station info popup.

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On 5/10/2012 3:11 PM, Ron N9SZV wrote:
Now Gene N9MXQ says he still sees the red box arrownd me but on mine it's not?
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Lynn KJ4ERJ just helped me fine tweak it...changed the small t (narrow FM) to big T for wide FM and I updated the PHG for all of them!!

Thanks guys keep up the good work!!

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Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Happy to help as always, and was easier to do real time than via the board
or emails.

I know my WIKI page is wrong, and was based on info I was given. And update
will be done by one of us in the near future

Steve Daniels


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Thanks to Steve G6UIM for his help my red box's are gone now!!


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N9SZV"<n9szv@> wrote:
Ok I have a red square arrownd my two objects 147120/R and my 145.710/L
please tell me whats wrong so I can correct it.


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