Re: FREQ OBJECT Uniqueness

Lynn Deffenbaugh

On 5/8/2012 5:15 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

Only if it is a crossband repeater. Otherwise only the OBJECT NAME or the
COMENT text has the frequency, not both. Transmitting a packet with both is
not spec compliant unless it is a crossband repeater or split that cannot be
formatted into +xxx or -xxx.
Where'd you get "cannot be formatted"? All I read is "non-standard", not "cannot be formatted" in:

If both the object name and the
comment contain a frequency, then the name is considered the transmit
frequency for the object and the frequency in its comment text is
its crossband or non-standard split receive frequency.
and the offset is not a defined part of the FREQUENCY OBJECT.
It most certainly is. "Tnnn -xxx (or +xxx)" works as it should for a FREQ
object in my D710's and D72's.
It may WORK, but according to the SPEC, that's only allowed in the SECOND 10 characters of the comment!

2nd 10-BYTES Optional Added fields (with leading space)
---------- -----------------------------------------------------
<Extra examples removed>
_Txxx +060 Optional Offset of +600 KHz (up to 9.90 MHz)
_Exxm Wxxm East range and West range if different (N,S,E,W)
Yep, Bob just proved that the D710 and D72 are non-spec compliant because they're mixing the definitions of a FREQUENCY OBJECT with the attributes of a POSITION COMMENT without requiring the (optional) frequency to appear as the 1st 10 bytes of the packet.

I know the Kenwood will QSY without the second frequency
as I use it on all of the FREQUENCY OBJECTs that I send from my

Then it is disingenuous for you to be blogging that the Kenwood is non spec
compliant when it actually is.
Nope, show me, step by step, how the spec as currently written allows for a FREQUENCY OBJECT's comment to start with a tone and offset?

We do have to figure out a solution. But I don't see how you can claim the
Kenwood is not spec compliant. We have to be careful of spreading
Agreed. That's why we're pushing for a unified specification of ONE repeater frequency definition with an OPTIONAL (but recommended) frequency as the object name.

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