Re: FTM-350 FREQ OBJ problem?

Greg Depew

so that means make an obj 144.630PA  145.230Mhzrx T123 ?? KB3KBR Greg

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From: ve6srv@...
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 15:00:48 -0600
Subject: Re: [aprsisce] FTM-350 FREQ OBJ problem?

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 2:41 PM, Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...> wrote:

>> ok, just made a spec approved obj of 144.630 in the name
>> and 145.230rx T123 and my 350 will NOT  qsy to it.
> That is because 145.530rx is not IAW the spec.  The first 10 byte frequency
> Only a second listed alternative repeater INPUT frequency in the "2nd 10
> bytes" can be without the MHz.

That's incorrect information Bob...

A FREQUENCY OBJECT with the frequency in the object name does not
allow for a frequency in the comment.

;FFF.FFFxy*111111zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWrT079 R25m NETxxxxxx MTGxxxx...

The sections you are quoting above are from the POSITION COMMENT specification.

As noted before, a 10x10x+ format is used for the POSITION COMMENT

1st 10 bytes
FFF.FFFMHz Freq to nearest 1 KHz

2nd 10 bytes
_FFF.FFFrx Alternate receiver Frequency if not standard offset
_FFF.FFF + Alternate Frequency and standard shift

Lynn, can you show me again where there's the FFF.FFFMHz definition
for the rx frequency in the FREQUENCY OBJECT definition. I've got 3
versions of the freqspec document open and I can't find it...


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