Re: FTM-350 FREQ OBJ problem?

Fred Hillhouse

Maximum of 9 characters are allowed for the name.
The name should be 144.630xy. Fill in the xy with something. If it is the only repeater with an object in your state, maybe you can use your state abbreviations. For instance, this in one in New Hampster, 147.330NH. There are others as well. I listed them in a very recent email.
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Fred, N7FMH

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ok new problem aprs32 won't let me name an obj 144.630MHz it stops at the H.

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Lynn said:

> ok, just made a spec approved obj of 144.630 in the name
> and 145.230rx T123 and my 350 will NOT  qsy to it.

That is because 145.530rx is not IAW the spec. The first 10 byte frequency

Only a second listed alternative repeater INPUT frequency in the "2nd 10
bytes" can be without the MHz.

Greg said:

> My ftm 350 does not decode the qsy that has no rx freq
> in the comment. Example:443.650PA near Pittsburgh shows
> on my list but will not qsy with just the T131 RM50.
> It ignores the object name and parses from the comment.
> All of my objects that i transmit with aprs32 are compliant
> with the 350 and are all qsy-able but I dont know about the kenwoods.

Is this confirmed? This is a problem.. And why we need to build a BUG
table for all these issues.

I too have noticed that the 350 does not seem to QSY on some objects that
appear to me (in the mobile anyway) to be correctly formatted. I just
checked, and I cannot see any problems with the formatting of the 443.650PA

Can the Yaesu firmware can be upgraded in the field?

Bob, Wb4aPR

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