Re: {Some tags disabled} Re: FREQ OBJECT Uniqueness

James Ewen

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 1:13 PM, Keith VE7GDH <> wrote:

I'm still trying to find the time to find all the combinations that
work and don't work with a D72, and I'll post it here and on
the APRS SIG when I'm done.
I'm going to make a chart... we can work on filling it out together.
Still stuck at work though!

I just wanted to jump in and say
that my preference is to have the callsign in the object name.
When I call another
ham, I don't say "hey Lynn on 732 this is VE7GDH". I call
them by callsign. I refer to repeaters the same way. It
doesn't happen so much around here, but some places there
is definitely overlapping coverage and only the tone differentiates
them. Callsigns are a lot more unique than frequencies.
So when I come to visit you, and you tell me to VE7RSI, what frequency
should I have on my VFO? Should I be on 2 metres, 70 cm, 6 metres? How
can I possibly divine a frequency from the callsign? The purpose of
using the frequency in the object name is to have the frequency show
up front and center on the display of the radio, and to have the
frequency shown right on the map. No clicking, no poking to find out
what the hidden frequency is.

Like Bob said, these objects are for the traveller who is unfamiliar
with the area, not just as decoration for the local users.

If you tell me to go to VE7RSI, the first thing I'm going to ask is
"What's the frequency?". If however you tell me to go to 147.320, I'll
head on over... I'm not going to ask "What's the callsign" so that I
can meet you on the repeater.


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