Re: FREQ OBJECT Uniqueness

James Ewen

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Bob Bruninga <> wrote:
Until changes to the specification are made, the Kenwood
and Yaesu radios are non-compliant..
Interesting comment.  Other than the FTM-350 not QSYing to a FREQ OBJECT
(without a duplicate FREQ in the comment) can you elaborate on what you
think is not compliant in the Kenwood?
The Kenwood TM-D710 does not honour the specification for a frequency object.

Here's an object my peers in Calgary are sending in order to get
"proper" QSY functionality on their Kenwood radios.

;146.85-NH*111111z5106.50N/11405.92Wr146.850MHz T110 -060 R50k RYC

They insist that the radio will NOT QSY without the second frequency
in the comment, and the offset included.

The second frequency according to the current spec should be
interpreted as the RX frequency, and the offset is not a defined part
of the FREQUENCY OBJECT. The Kenwood does not set the radio to

I know the Kenwood will QSY without the second frequency as I use it
on all of the FREQUENCY OBJECTs that I send from my digipeaters. I'm
thinking that they have come up with this hybrid to make BOTH the
Yaesu and Kenwood "work".

Once I get the list put together we can start to track what works and
what doesn't.


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