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Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yes, the lower-case r is all that jumps to my eyes.  Do you know if an FTM-350 can QSY/Tune to these objects?  If so, it debunks the fact that they need the frequency in the command and not the name.

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On 5/8/2012 3:55 PM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:
Hi Lynn,
Below are four FREQUENCY objects I put out. The only thing I see is a lower case r for the range. Would that be all that is NON-COMPLIANT?
Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH
:;223.900NH*111111z4259.00N/07135.30WrT103 r20m S.Uncan MT
WinMain:2012-05-08T19:09:12.279 Antenna UNCAN(223.900NH)(Kantronics KPC-3 (83)) Frequency:223.900 T:103 range:20.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T103 r20m S.Uncan MT
:;147.330NH*111111z4305.16N/07131.39WrT141 r20m S.Bow
WinMain:2012-05-08T19:11:28.093 Antenna UNCAN(147.330NH)(Kantronics KPC-3 (83)) Frequency:147.330 T:141 range:20.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T141 r20m S.Bow
:;147.135NH*111111z4258.99N/07135.29WrT100 r20m S.Uncan MT
WinMain:2012-05-08T19:14:17.366 Antenna UNCAN(147.135NH)(Kantronics KPC-3 (83)) Frequency:147.135 T:100 range:20.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T100 r20m S.Uncan MT
:;444.200NH*111111z4258.99N/07135.30WrT186 r20m S.Uncan MT
WinMain:2012-05-08T19:06:28.128 Antenna UNCAN(444.200NH)(Kantronics KPC-3 (83)) Frequency:444.200 T:186 range:20.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T186 r20m S.Uncan MT

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On 5/8/2012 10:32 AM, apenadragon wrote:

Taking each unique one at a time....

> WinMain:2012-05-08T13:39:03.677 Antenna KA2NDW-1(145.47-/r)(TNC-X de K6DBG (01)) Frequency:145.470 range:30.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:R30M Link 449.075-/r

The R30M is non-compliant. The spec says that m and k are lower case.

> WinMain:2012-05-08T13:39:11.067 Antenna W2SO(147.285/R)(UIview 32 bit (25N)) Frequency:147.285 T:141 *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T141.3

The T141.3 is non-compliant. The spec says that tones do not include
the decimal places because they've been standardized.

> WinMain:2012-05-08T13:39:12.927 Antenna W2SO(147.255/R)(UIview 32 bit (25N)) Frequency:147.255 T:107 *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T107.2 Lancaster Amateur Radio Club

T107.2 is non-compliant as descried above.

> WinMain:2012-05-08T13:45:04.895 Antenna N2ZWO-10(145.110NY)(BEACON) Frequency:145.110 T:167 range:25.0mi *NON-COMPLIANT* Comment:T167 R25M NetM7PM Mtg2ndW

R25M is non-compliant. The spec says that m and k are lower case.

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