Re: QRUW2CXM objects (was: FreqSpec Homework...)

Adam Mahnke

it's not even doing that.

The D700 displays an object for the QRUW2CXM as it does for any other object.

The D710 does not show the object. I can see the "??QRUW2CXM" flash in the display of the D710 when the packet comes accross, but it doesn't translate to a displayable object.


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On 5/8/2012 10:32 AM, apenadragon wrote:
I will say, that my D710 still doesn't recognize the QRUW2CXM object, but that's different than this topic. Just trying to get it back on your radar.
Please define "recognize"? the QRU* objects only contain a description
of the available groups. What are you expecting the D710 to do other
than display this description? Or isn't it even doing that?

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