Re: FREQ OBJECT Uniqueness

Lynn Deffenbaugh


On 5/8/2012 1:49 PM, Randy Love wrote:
If you need 3 digits after the decimal, drop the decimal (i.e.

Drop the decimal and you no longer have a frequency object. The format is very specifically FFF.FFFxy and the dot is required to be recognized. If you do this, it's just like a callsign-named repeater that a human might be able to pick out of a list and the comment better carry the properly formatted FFF.FFFMHz specification or it will almost definitely not be usable by APRS radios and other mechanized parsers.

So, what about a 4th digit? Well, it really isn't necessary *if* you
have the radio set to the proper step size, but then again, that doesn't matter if the Freq Comment of the Object is properly configured.

Yeah, as soon as we nail down for sure what "properly" is, because in the current spec, an object of 146.850PC cannot start the comment with 146.850MHz unless it's a simplex repeater, even though that seems (spreading hear-say here) to be required by Yaesus.

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