Re: FREQ OBJECT Uniqueness

James Ewen

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Randy Love <> wrote:

If you need 3 digits after the decimal, drop the decimal (i.e.
You can NOT do that, the specification REQUIRES the decimal.

So, what about a 4th digit? Well, it really isn't necessary *if* you have
the radio set to the proper step size, but then again, that doesn't matter
if the Freq Comment of the Object is properly configured.
There is no definition of the fourth decimal digit in the current
specification. There is no provision for a TX frequency in a FREQUENCY
OBJECT currently. The TX frequency MUST be read from the object name

Only a POSITION COMMENT can contain a TX frequency under the current
definition of these two different methods of conveying frequency

This type of suggestion is where the worries about bastardization may
come from. You can not just arbitrarily decide to implement these
definitions in a manner that does not meet the specifications. We all
have to speak the same language.

Currently we are attempting to make a change to the language we speak
so that everyone understands the concepts we are talking about.

Until changes to the specification are made, the Kenwood and Yaesu
radios are non-compliant, and those making repeater objects that work
with these radios are also non-compliant.


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