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Lynn Deffenbaugh

How much data you use is subject to the APRS activity in your area, the range that you configure, and how long you keep the client connected (mine is 24x7). If you double-click the screen part that normally says "APRS OK", it will give you the packets and bytes sent and received since that instance of the client was started.

A client on my desktop that has been running since 1/1 7:46 (1 day 16 hours) says 8,663,362 bytes total with a 200 mile range.

Another client running an unfiltered full feed that has been running for since 12/31 at 16:26 (2 days 4.5 hours) says 490,145,574 bytes.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - As always, YMMV!

g4ilo wrote:

Thanks. I checked on that and "unlimited" over here is subject to a fair usage restriction of 750MB / month. Would that be a problem?

I've found an HTC T3232 Touch 3G which looks OK. So I might go for that instead.

Julian, G4ILO

--- In, "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh" <kj4erj@...> wrote:

I didn't have time to study the link you sent, but you'd also want to have an unlimited Internet service on the phone. The GPS must (currently) be supported by the Windows Mobile GPSapi. The upcoming release will be able to do NMEA GPS via direct or Bluetooth serial port.

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