Re: Can't zoom map

Lynn Deffenbaugh

The left and right arrows also change the transparency of the map. If
you fade the map out to nothing, the icons will jump as the program
changes from a Mercator (sp?) projection to a circular distance/heading
mapping of stations from the center of the map. Makes for an
interesting effect to hover between the two projections with lots of
widely distributed stations on the map.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

David Shrum wrote:

I'll give it a try, with the program running you will see a long narrow
'box' in the same frame as the circle, you will notice it has a "+" at the
top and a "-" at the bottom; click one or the other and the map will zoom in
or out. OR the other choice is the up and down arrow keys on your key board,
same results (at least for me), they will also cause the map to zoom in or

Dave N8PU

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Subject: [aprsisce] Can't zoom map

I have just installed APRSIS32 and started it, but I don't know how to zoom
the map. If I click on the screen to try to draw a rectangle round the map,
the whole map moves when I drag.

I closed the program and manually entered my position by editing the XML.
However the map is still just a small view of the whole world which fits
well within the circle. How do I zoom in?

Julian, G4ILO

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