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Lynn Deffenbaugh

I developed APRSISCE for an AT&T Tilt (HTC TyTN II) and still use it on
that phone. I now have an extended battery on the phone and can get 3-4
hours tops with live tracking and GPS active (about a 70 mile range of
monitored space). My phone also heats up quite substantially with all
of the radios active (I keep WiFi active on trips for Navizon mapping),
so I also arrange to have it in front of an A/C duct.

When I turn the GPS off to simply monitor APRS-IS, I can extend the
(extended) battery life to 8 hours or so of the same 70 mile range
around Central Florida. Activity on the APRS-IS network affects battery
life as you would expect. I tried monitoring 1000 miles or so on
battery one time (3G), but it really ate into the battery.

When I go mobile on my bicycle or hiking, I have run 7.2v NiMH battery
pack through a 5v regulator and feed external power to the phone just to
keep it running. With 2 packs and the phone's internal battery, I've
gone well over 12 hours of full tracking with capacity to spare.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

David Shrum wrote:

I use a HTC Touch Pro and it works well for me. Couldn't give you an answer
on the battery because whenever I use it mobile I always have it 'plugged
in' to external power so my phone wouldn't go to sleep, I guess I could
change that setting but chose not to, the only thing I have a small issue
with is, not the program, my phone generates a fair amount of heat running
the GPS and the Cellular at the same time so I try and place my in front of
one of the vents on my vehicle when I'm using it, especially in warm

Dave N8PU

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Subject: [aprsisce] What phone

I came across APRSISCE while looking for information about APRS apps for
iPhone. I don't own an iPhone, but was considering getting one to run one of
the APRS apps available for it. But now that I have discovered APRSISCE
Windows Mobile based phones are also an option.

So I would be interested to know what phones other users of this program
would recommend. It must support 3G, and have a built-in GPS like the iPhone
3G(S). What battery life can you expect with position reporting enabled?

Julian, G4ILO

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