Re: APRSIS32 curiosity to me

Lynn Deffenbaugh

If you want to add any custom filters, you can find documentation at the following URLs:

Just figure out what you want to see and plug it into the "Add Filter:" box in the APRSISCE/32 configuration dialog.

The client automatically does some filtering for you. It does:

m/dist - My Range filter based on the configured Range (converted from 1/10 mile to km)

If you track or center on someone (right click or popup menu/Center), it adds a:

f/call/dist - Friend Range filter using the same range

This filter will be removed when you are no longer tracking a callsign.

If you drag the map around to establish a center other than yourself or a specific station, it adds a:

r/lat/lon/dist - Range filter using the map center and the configured range

For any other filter, you can do your own. Here's a few of the Add Filter's I've got in a few instances of my APRSIS32 client:

r/27.99673/-80.659072/1 b/KJ4DXK* b/KJ4ERJ* b/KJ4OVQ* u/APWW*/APWM* b/W4SGC*

r/28.40/-81.50/2000 r/27.99673/-80.659072/1 -b/WINLINK -s/S/S -s//a/DW

b/KJ4OVQ* b/KJ4ERJ* b/KJ4DXK* b/W4SGC* b/WI8H* -b/WINLINK -s/S/S -s//a/DW

and my APRSISCE phone has the following filter:

b/N4GVA* b/KJ4ERJ* b/KJ4DXK* b/KJ4OVQ* b/W4SGC* s/@/@ u/APWW*/APWM* -b/WINLINK

Can you tell what callsigns I like to keep tabs on?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. KJ4DXK is my son, KJ4OVQ is my wife, and N4GVA flies small planes here in Florida.

David Shrum wrote:

I guess I must be very thick headed; I still am not sure where to add the
filters as you suggested. I know you explained it before but that went right
over the top of my head. I don't have a clue where to add them, is it in the
APRSIS32.xml where they are added? Thanks for your patience.

Thanks again,

Dave N8PU

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Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. Coincidentally, I was also watching this evening as the icon changed from phone to SUV and the beacon rate slowed down. I have u/APWW*/APWM* in one of my filter strings to get a feel for how many people are actually using the client at any point in time. You can add the same and you'll see APRSISCE/32 users wherever they are.

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