Re: Cost to be online?

Fred Hillhouse

Thanks Lynn!

I figured the area usage really makes it somewhat unknown. The data you
appended is quite useful anyway.

The unlimited plans that come with certain phones makes sense. I don't have
one of those phones yet. I can't even run your software yet but am looking
at possibilities at the moment. One never knows what the future is.

BTW, what phone are you using currently? Actually, I am wondering what
phones others are using as well. Now that I think about it a little anyway,
maybe it is not a phone. Either way, what are you using?


Best regards,

"There is no way I can give you any idea on the data passed per month, week,
day, or even hour. It all depends on the APRS activity in your specified
range as well as your specific configuration for beaconing.

I highly recommend that anyone running this program have an UNLIMITED data
plan on your phone. There are so many variables in the APRS-IS feed that you
could very quickly rack up a bill that would astound you.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. Be especially cautious of "disabled" data connections. AT&T in
particular likes to switch you back to a "pay as you go" plan which can
seriously put a dent in your wallet."

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