Re: APRSIS32 curiosity to me

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Long answer: I'm hoping to latch onto some image rotation code to do the same thing with APRSISCE, but for now it just shows the simple icon. In addition, I'm hoping to do a dead-reckoning forecast of current position based on the previous heading and speed. I'll probably fade out the forecast icon and connect it to the last known position with a line in realtime.

Short answer: it's on the ToDo list!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS. Coincidentally, I was also watching this evening as the icon changed from phone to SUV and the beacon rate slowed down. I have u/APWW*/APWM* in one of my filter strings to get a feel for how many people are actually using the client at any point in time. You can add the same and you'll see APRSISCE/32 users wherever they are.

David Shrum wrote:

Tonight I was tracking my son, W8TVI-12 with the APRSIS32 DeskTop version
and with using Google maps; what I noticed with Google maps
the SUV icon would show the direction of travel with the icon, but the
APRSIS32 program, while keeping his icon centered, it didn't show the
direction to travel in relationship to the map. Like I said, it was nothing
more than curiosity to me.

Dave N8PU

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