Re: Connecting the smartphone

Fred Hillhouse

"I read in the past that some experimentation have been made in connecting
APRSISCE running on Windows Mobile to a tracker or TNC using the Bluetooth."

This does work. I use it everyday with my HTC Tilt and a Roving Networks
RN-240M Bluetooth to RS232 adapter.
My configuration looks like this: Radio <=wires=> TNC (OT2) <=wires=>
RN-240M <=bluetooth=> HTC Tilt (sans SIM).

"I have found nothing related to connecting it directly to a Radio using the
microphone and heard connections."

Hmm, I think there are many messages in the archive.

"I run successfully APRSISCE on my laptop using the AGW driver to connect
directly the audio port to the RTX. I'm wondering if connecting the
smartphone with the power of APRSISCE directly to a small handled RTX using
a third party driver or implementing this functionality, would allow us to
have a very flexible and low cost device."

The OT2-USB and TT4 are two units that are low power and low cost. With the
Bluetooth adapter you could have

"Imagine using it as a digipeater remotely controlled via GSM in case of

The Tracker2/3 can be configured over RF now. Interesting idea to use GSM.

"or a quick and easy to build tracker when you move from home."

I have substituted the my above radio/TNC combination with a T2-301 from
Argent Data Systems with equal success. The Byonics MT-AIO (?) will work

"I do not know if this functionality has already been suggested and if there
may be some road block in implementing it, but I think this would be a nice

Answered above.

"(alternative could be to send out the sound via Bluetooth to a receiver
modified to receive it and make an interface to the mic/hear connectors of
the RTX)."

Interesting idea.

"Thanks, Iw2ejh op/Marino"

Best regards,
Fred, N7FMH

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