Re: aprsisce and KPC-3 or KPC-3+

Gurdon Wolfe

 Thank you for your reply. I have the KPC-3+ working on the same port under
Ui-View and everything works well. I've checked the config settings several
times and they seem to be correct. I've see suggested text to be added to
the APRSISCE software but no mention of what file to add it to or where to
put it. I was hoping that somebody that already had discovered "how to"
would share their file with me.
 Again, thanks for your time.
73, Don

--- On Fri, 10/21/11, Sander Pool wrote:

From: Sander Pool
Subject: Re: [aprsisce] aprsisce and KPC-3 or KPC-3+
To: aprsisce@...
Date: Friday, October 21, 2011, 3:22 PM


Hi Don,

I don't have either of those devices but the first thing I would do is
use a regular terminal program (I use Putty but there are plenty of
others) to verify that your COM port settings are correct. Then make
sure you use the same settings in aprsis32. If that's all set then you
will probably want to at least show us the serial log from aprsis32 so
people more knowledable than me can see what's going on. It's hard to
answer a blanket "it doesn't work" question. I mean for all we know your
TNC isn't powered :)


Sander W1SOP

Don wrote:
> I just can't seem to get APRSISCE to work on either a KPC-3 or a KPC-3+.
> Has anybody been able to get the two to work together? Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.
> 73, Don

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