Re: KPC2 and other stuff


> Or is the problem that you can't talk to the TNC yet?
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
Hi Keith:
Yup..... That's where I am. I'm using the cable I used with the TNC2 clone (MFJ) I know that works even though the MFJ falls out of KISS mode whenever it feels like it. The MFJ is advertised to have "Kantronics pinouts" so that should work. So far, no response from the KPC2.

My procedure:
Start Hyperterm
Set a baud rate, flow control and all other settings (hopefully changing only one variable per start up)
Lastly, power up the KPC2 and look for a startup message.

So far, I can't find a combination that gets me a startup screen or command prompt.

Thanks for the list of commands to try, once I'm talking to the KPC2, those should help

73  Ron

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