KPC2 and other stuff


Howdy y'all:
Yup, it's me again.
Does anyone here have experience with the KPC2? I came up with one for cheap and I'd like to set it up here in the shack with an older win XP machine to leave running APRSIS-32 pretty much continuously. I can't get Hyperterm to talk to it, I've tried a bunch of baud rates and flow control settings combinations. There's even a possibility that it's dead, though the power light lights. It's a hamfest crap-shoot, but was cheap enough that the case is worth the cost even if I scrap the circuit board. In my research on the WWW, all I can find for documentation is vendors trying to make a buck.

The other stuff:
I now have APRSIS-32 running on my laptop, for the moment as a fixed station. It has been running flawlessly. I am amazed by the number and wide area of stations I can see on RF alone, with digi's obviously. Here in south-central Mich, I am plotting stations from Roanoke Va to Stevens Point Wis. Pretty cool. I can't wait to take this setup on the road.

OK. enough rambling out of me for the evening.
Good Night and 73: Ron

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