Re: Messaging question (and other stuff)


Hi Lynn:
You wrote:

> Messages are sent out the interface(s) that "make sense". If the
> destination station has been heard on ANY RF interface, messages to that
> station will be sent out ALL message-enabled RF interfaces. All
> messages will be sent out via -IS if Messages are enabled on the APRS-IS
> port.

I had enables> "internet access" checked, but not enables>"APRS-IS". I did, however have Configure> ports>APRS-IS> Messaging enabled. That could explain how KA9FON saw my packet even though I saw no indication of RF transmit here.

>You can also read about APRS messaging ins and outs at

I read that. I won't go so far as to say that I totally understand all I know about messaging, but it is a lot less murky now.

Thanks and 73  Ron

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