Messaging question (and other stuff)


Greetings and salutations:

Thanks to the great help here on the list, I now have vaulted over the hurtles that kept me from watching the stations around me on RF. That portion is now working flawlessly. As with most answered questions, however, that new knowledge seems to have opened up yet more questions.

As I look at the scrolling list of stations, I see some icons have a box around them and most don't. Sometimes from the same station. What is the meaning of the box.

As to the messaging question: I can force a transmit with the "Transmit" button after I choose to "move ME to center" or not. At that time the transmit light on the OT2 comes on and the TV messes up (a sure sign I'm getting out.) I'm out in the sticks, so TVI with my 5 watt transmitter is not a problem for the neighbors. However when I type a message in the message window (after selecting a station to contact) there is no indication of RF out. The text I typed goes from the input box up to the dialog window and stays green. Is there something I'm missing or perhaps something I've inadvertently checked (or un-checked) ?

Thanks and 73 Ron

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