Re: Kenwood TH-D72E (GPS pass-through)

Kurt Savegnago

Say that to the VX-8R people who were fantasizing all the "neat" B/T things they were going to see with the -8R all with a "firmware" update.  Things like taking the GPS strings
off the GPS through a B/T pairing or pair with an external GPS that is B/T capable. Sheesh.

Turns out that the B/T for that unit was for pairing with a headset only and the Yaesu H/T products will never be able to use any GPS but what Yaesu provides. (Unless they redesign the hardware)

In the end, the -8R got a firmware update where one had to send the unit  back for a board
exchange to DR specs.  Sort of like what KW did with the D7A to D7A(g)

Folks, if it ain't there in the hardware in the first place, it ain't going to be "turned on" by the software. There has to be the potential for the electrons to flow and do the job intended.
Sometimes minor changes can be made by a firmware change due to the complexities of
the hardware but most of these are subtle.  Look at the notes with each D72a firmware updates.  They fix relatively minor things. Those "things" were in the hardware design to
be turned off or on in the first place.

Many devices are over designed with possibilities and sometimes simple code changes can change the character of the device.  Major changes (like converting an audio B/T link to a full featured data link in the VX-8R) isn't going to happen without a major hardware change.  It's just that simple.

Firmware coding is not magic.  The trait or feature you want has to be there to be turned on.  If it's not there in the hardware, it's no deal unless the hardware is redesigned.

                                                       Kurt KC9LDH

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More than once?  Heck, I've always thought it was an expected part of the job!  To rephrase Jame's comment, a good software guy can make the hardware do things it was intended to do, but failed.

Greg  KO6TH

Bob Harris wrote:


More than once I had to do stuff in the firmware to cover mistakes in the hardware. Hi Hi

On 7/3/2011 8:19 PM, James Ewen wrote:

You guys are like a wet blanket on a fire! A good software guy can
make the hardware do things it never was intended for!


Bob Harris (K9UDX)
Bath, NH

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